Jersey & UK Private Client Tax Services

Our in-house tax team provides tax compliance and advisory services to Jersey and UK resident individuals.

Our team is also highly experienced in supporting the administration of Private Client and company structures which have a Jersey/UK tax connection. Specifically our team provides a full range of tax services to ensure that private individuals, trusts and companies meet their UK and Jersey tax filing and disclosure requirements. We provide in-house tax return preparation and computational services.

We also have appropriate systems in place to provide tax computations in a cost efficient manner. Our accounting systems are capable of exporting information to the UK tax packages we use.

In addition, the team also help trustees/directors to implement tax advice where required, and can monitor offshore structures to ensure that tax guidance is adhered to. This may include:

  • Liaising with banks and investment advisors to ensure that segregated accounts remain segregated;
  • Monitoring investment portfolios to ensure that managers do not stray from their investment guidelines; and
  • Ensuring that beneficiaries are not subject to onerous tax liabilities by unknowingly receiving taxable distributions and benefits.

Our experience in managing the reporting requirements for UK connected individuals means we also have the skills to provide information to tax advisors in other jurisdictions, such as the US, if required.


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